Top Twitch Clips is an automated YouTube channel that uploads the top 10 most viewed GTA clips of the day from Twitch.

The script first downloads the most viewed clips from the Twitch API, filtered by the english language. Then it edits them together using the moviepy library and uploads the video to YouTube using the Google API.

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I chose Python as I was already good at it and writing code in it is very fast.
As with any other software project, GitHub is the standard for version control.
Working on Top Twitch Clips was a great experience. In the beginning, I did not even know it was possible to edit videos using code. Even though the edits are not that big, it was still a great learning experience. I also strengthened my skills in working with APIs and learned how to download through the Twitch API and upload with the Google API.

Another important learning was how to manage sensitive information such as API credentials. I initially disregarded this completely as I was not even sure this would work. I stored them in the code itself or in json files that were not in the .gitignore file.

Once I saw that this project was actually going somewhere, I started to take security more seriously and made sure to first of all change all credentials that were committed to the repository and then to store them in json files that were ignored by git.