Save My Food is a phone app designed to help its users spend less on food and reduce how much they waste. I, alongside 4 colleagues, designed, built and tested the application.

The app holds a digital inventory of the users groceries, sends reminders when food expires and shows the user how much money they have saved. To add food to the inventory, users can scan receipts or add them manually.

save my food logo
After doing some research, we collectively decided to use Flutter to build the application.
Before building the app, a lot of designing was done in Figma to create a good user interface.
We were all familiar with GitHub and therefore this was the choice for version control.
In this project I learned about figma and a bit about how flutter works. I also sharpened my design skills by creating multiple different versions of the same page. We also used an API for an optical character recognition AI which improved my skills and understaning of working with APIs.

Moreover, I also learned about low fidelity and high fidelity testing and interacting with potential users. This was a very insightful experience that helped me understand the path a product usually takes before it is released.