I've been fascinated by games from a very young age. I've played all types of games and sometimes wondered what it would be like to make my own.

go-get-it is a single player browser game. You play as a hacker that is given a simple task to complete on a desktop computer. The game is very simple, but there's no instructions on how to complete the task. You have to figure it out yourself.

go get it logo
Given that it is a browser game, HTML is used for the structure and content.
I chose to use vanilla CSS in order to gain experience and get better at it.
Besides structure and styling, everything else is implemented using plain JavaScript.
Used GitHub for version control as I am very familiar with it.
While working on go-get-it I learned a lot about JavaScript. My HTML and CSS skills were quite good going into this, but my JavaScript skills were lacking. I learned a ton about JavaScript and also used it in several unconventional ways due to the nature of this application.

In addition, I also learned other miscellaneous things such as how to make a website look like a desktop, how to create a text chat bot with predefined responses, how to use css transitions to make the game look more appealing and many others.